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Lets Jam

Book Your Very Own Jam Room @Rs.400 / hr

Enjoy jamming with your bandmates in the an acoustically soundproof, air conditioned room with all modern amenities at a very reasonable price. Hurry before bookings close.

Equipment Provided :

Mark Bass Amplifier
Roland Stage Reference
Shure Microphones
Pearl Drum Kit 

Mackie Mixer with audio recording 
Bass Guitar
Rhythm Guitar

Yamaha Keyboard

Senheiser Sm58

Senheiser Sm57

Mackie 22 channel analog mixer

Yamaha 16channel analog mixer

Roland Jazz chorus amp

Line 6 spider v amp

Mark Bass Amp

Yamaha 1000 PA

Two floor monitors studio master

Two Tier Keyboard stand

Plenty of mics and mic stands

Lyrics stands and guitar stands

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