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Our Story

At B.T.A., we have affiliations with esteemed institutions such as Trinity College London, Bangiya Sangeeth Parishad, Rabindra Bharathi University, and the International Taekwondo Federation. These affiliations enable us to offer a wide range of certification options for our students. 

Furthermore, we extend our support to external students, trainers, and institutions interested in pursuing certification. From Western and Indian music to dance, painting, and martial arts, we offer an extensive array of courses tailored to meet the unique needs of every aspiring artist, musician, and athlete.

The primary aim of these initiatives is to inspire students to creatively express themselves and foster self-assurance in their artistic talents. Butterfly Talent Academy (B.T.A.) serves as a distinguished institution for the arts and music, providing exceptional instruction to individuals of all ages and skill levels. 

Our comprehensive curriculum places a strong emphasis on developing skills, mastering techniques, and encouraging artistic self-expression. Our faculty comprises highly qualified and experienced professionals who are deeply committed to helping students unlock their full potential.


Butterfly Talent Academy (BTA) stands as Bengaluru's foremost premium institution dedicated to the promotion of Art and Culture. With a dedicated team of professionals, we have been nurturing talent since 2009. Our team members possess exceptional skills, certifications, extensive experience, and are true experts in their respective fields.

Why BTA?



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University Affiliations

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Experienced Teachers

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Your Child's New Happy Place.

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