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KATHA UTSAV – Festive Story Series @ BTA Ranga Mandira
Introducing Katha Utsav: A Festive Story Series for Enlightening Young Minds
In India's rich cultural heritage, festivals play an integral role, weaving together traditions, stories, and the spirit of celebration. Recognizing the importance of passing down the cultural baton to the younger generation, the enchanting "Katha Utsav" has emerged as a captivating platform dedicated to narrating the tales behind every Indian festival.

Celebrating Tradition through Stories:
Katha Utsav is not just an event; it is a journey into the heart of Indian festivities. The series endeavors to educate and entertain children by unraveling the stories, legends, and historical significance that underlie our diverse festivals. Through the art of storytelling, young minds are introduced to the cultural mosaic that defines India.

The Finest Storytellers in Bangalore:
At the core of Katha Utsav are the master storytellers, carefully curated from the cultural capital of Bangalore. These storytellers are not merely narrators, their enchanting voices and animated expressions transport children to a world where each festival comes alive with vivid imagery.
Come join us, Feel Free to Bring along your friends and family and make this a memorable day for your kids.


Date: 12 Apr 2024
Time: 11:30 AM
Price: 200
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