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Tips To Destress For Parents

Follow These Tips :

Pull (or put) up your hair.

Normally I wear my hair down.

I wear it straight, curled or in a headband, but it’s almost always down.

Putting my hair up in a twistie, big claw clip or anything to get it off my shoulders (for some weird reason) puts me in the “let’s get moving” mindset and seems to lift a few extra burdens off my soul…and shoulders…ha!

See if it works for you!

Grab a quick shower.

Just a 2–3 minute shower really refreshes and motivates me to get moving again.

Yes, a nice long soak in a bathtub is much more powerful, but if you only have a few minutes a quick, hot shower is great for a quick de-stressor!

I feel like I just grabbed a fresh start after a quick shower, and yes, I actually change my clothes too — but I don’t bother ironing unless absolutely necessary!

Take a power nap.

You have to set a timer or alarm clock for this one, or you could accidentally “over” snooze!

Let your body rejuvenate for 10–15 minutes.

Even if you don’t fall asleep, just enjoy quiet rest for a few, refreshing minutes.

What do you do with your young kids?

Plan your power nap during their naps.

Sometimes I let my kids watch a cartoon for ten or fifteen minutes on the tablet and I rest in the same room.

Enjoy some coffee or hot tea.

Not sure if these work for you, but for me, these are awesome motivators!

A good cup of coffee or tea sends signals of happiness to my brain.

Coffee gives me more energy and tea calms me down, but a good cup of tea (Chai is my fave) still makes me feel refreshed so I face my responsibilities stress-free.

Freshen up hair and face.

I know some of you don’t wear make-up, and that is fine with me, but one of my secrets for getting motivated is putting on my make-up and styling my hair.

It helps me unwind because I’m still doing something, but I’m doing something that’s not stressful and just seeing a perkier face in the mirror helps me unwind and relax!

Is that totally weird? ;0)

Redecorate your house.

No, you don’t have to run out to the store and buy something new. Just work with what you have.

Rearrange furniture, switch out drapes, pull out some silk flowers or cute frames and change things up a bit.

Just a little bit here or there will help you desire to make your home a happy, clean and beautiful place!

And when your home is a little bit fresher, then you’ll immediately feel a few pounds of stress melt off.

Pinky promise!

Turn on some favorite tunes.

I like to listen to some soft, calming music.

Or, this may be completely eccentric, but I turn on a crackling fireplace on YOutube, turn off the lights and listen to the fake fire for a few minutes.

And that truly, ever-so-weirdly, helps me completely unwind.

Watch a few, funny Facebook videos.

Laughter is one of the best, free, anti-depressants on the market!

Watch a few clips of something that always makes you laugh!

Get a few giggles in and those ten minutes of great big, belly laughs may be exactly what you need to help you unwind and enjoy the rest of your day!

Do a ten-minute workout.

You can find lots of quick workouts on YouTube!

Exercise is proven to make you happier than wealth! So yes, it can definitely help you unwind, de-stress and find a reason so smile about the rest of your day. :)

Get outside.

Wow, I’m so guilty of not getting out more!

But getting outside for 15 minutes can help you unwind!

Just walk around your yard, check the mailbox, wave at a neighbor, water the flowers…

Just a few minutes outside will help you get your much-needed vitamin d3 and help you realize there’s a much bigger world out there than your pile of laundry, the dirty dishes and the homework your kids are nagging you to help with.

Being outside helps put life back in perspective.

No wonder our grandmother's was outside most of her day. Yeah, they were genius.

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